I'd just like to pay for legal/union but not Professional fees, why can't I do that?

The SPANZ Legal Fund and SPANZ Union are benefits on offer for our eligible* SPANZ Professional members.  Therefore we are unable to offer Legal and Union as separate memberships.

If you have not paid your SPANZ Professional fees, but have paid Legal/Union - you will not be covered as a member or able to access the Legal Fund until Professional fees have been received. 

*SPANZ Union is currently only available to those Principals' on the Collective Agreement

How do you become a life member?

Life Membership is an award presented by SPANZ upon a positive vote at the AGM.

Life Members were provided this award based on their outstanding work done for SPANZ and on behalf of their Principal peers.

To nominate a Principal for Life Membership please forward your nomination to the Executive Manager of SPANZ by 31 January.  From here it will be reviewed at an Executive meeting and on agreement presented at the following AGM.

Do we get discounts on Business Partner products?

We invite you to welcome our Business Partners into your school and give them the opportunity to provide your School with what they have on offer.

There are no direct SPANZ discounts for using the Business Partners, but we invite you to say you are a SPANZ member.

It is at the Business Partner's discretion what discount/business deals they are able to provide.  Please refer to our Business Partner page to see our recommendations.