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As a member of SPANZ you will receive support for human resources, governance, leadership, finance and legal matters. You need to be a member of SPANZ Professional to get this support.
In addition to being a SPANZ Professional Member you may eligible to join our Legal Fund and Union
“Being a financial member of the Secondary Principals’ Association of New Zealand Professional Inc, and applying to participate in the Legal Cost Fund scheme I hereby declare that as of today (the date I sign this form) I am not aware of any circumstances which could give rise to a claim for legal costs which would be subject to a claim under the fund. a } employment defence b } employment pursuit or other legal action except as set out below” Please note: No existing circumstances will be covered by the fund. Details of existing circumstance(s) if any:
“I wish to nominate SPANZ to be my sole bargaining agent in negotiating the Secondary Principals’ Collective Agreement with the Ministry of Education. In so doing I agree to pay the SPANZ Union fee.”
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Full Name
On receipt of this form the SPANZ Office will email you your invoice/s based on the amount as indicated by your selection (or the prorated rate for the part of the financial year 1 January to 31 December that remains when you join).
The Privacy act 1993: Information from this form will be used by the Secondary Principals' Association of New Zealand to compile and maintain a data base which may be published in the annual report of provided to sponsors for any legal purpose the Association may have. I give my consent to my name, adress, telephone number and other information forming part of a membership list which may be published or disclosed