Service to Education Award


The SPANZ Service to Education Award is presented to anyone in SPANZ or outside the organisation who has given (or is making) a significant contribution to education.


Our SPANZ Award recipients are:

2004          Professor John Hattie, Charles Newton, Lynda Reid

2005          Margaret Bendall, Professor Russell Bishop, Bali Haque

2006          Paul Ferris, Elizabeth Forgie

2007          Graham Stoop, Graham Young

2008          David Eddy, Professor Vivianne Robinson

2010           Alison McAlpine

2011            Alison Gernhoefer

2012           Peter Gall, Tom Gerrard, Rosalyn Robson, Tom Robson

2013           Jim Mathewson

2015           Tom Parsons

2016           Elizabeth Forgie

2017           Dave Randell