SPANZ Vision and Goals


SPANZ is the only independent body representing the views of Secondary Principals' in New Zealand.  Our role and vision is to represent the view of Secondary Principals' at the policy development and policy implementation level within Government, the Ministry of Education, the Education Review Office and the Education Council.



The goals of the Association are:

  • To initiate and participate in educational debate and policy development by..
    • Consulting effectively with members
    • Representing Principals' in educational and public forums
    • Maintaining wide, regular contact with education groups and agencies
    • Building linkages with relevant groups
  • To promote the development of competent, well informed and confident Secondary Principals' by...
    • Providing a range of educational conferences, seminars and other forums for professional exchange
    • Developing a comprehensive information-sharing network
    • Promoting the development of skills and qualifications for Principals' and prospective Principals'
    • Maintain links with international Principals' groups
  • To support the professional and personal well-being of members by...
    • Advocating remuneration and conditions of service appropriate to the responsibilities that Principals' carry
    • Promoting effective Prinicipal/Board working relationships
    • Providing professional and legal advice to members
    • Fostering a collegial support network for members