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Please find below our community noticeboard, containing education surveys or information that may be of interest to you and your school. 

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Teaching & Learning Research Initiative: Information literacy project

This three-year research project involves a team of secondary and tertiary librarians, teachers, and researchers aiming to better understand the contribution that school and tertiary libraries can make to New Zealand students’ information literacy skills. The project is funded by the Teaching and Learning Research Initiative.

The project team are looking for secondary school senior management to tell them more about practice, policy and perceptions in relation to information literacy and the role of the library. Each survey takes 10-20 minutes to complete and survey responses are entirely anonymous. No individual, school or subject association will be identifiable in our final report.

Complete the survey and share your perspective at:

Please also share this link with other teaching and school library colleagues who might be keen to participate. The project team are keen to hear from as many people as possible.

You can follow the link to learn more about the project or contact the project leaders Lisa Emerson and Ken Kilpin


Bullying Free New Zealand

We would like to remind our members about the Bullying-Free NZ Website.

This website is designed to act as a central hub for New Zealand schools. It provides resources and support to schools to review, plan, build capacity and implement evidence-informed bullying prevention approaches. Research on effective bullying prevention approaches is a growing field internationally and within New Zealand.

As new information becomes available on effective bullying prevention approaches, resources, and legislation this website will be updated.


AKILLA Drowsy Driving Educational Campaign

In 2005 New Zealand Sleep Safety Ltd established the AKILLA Drowsy Driving Educational campaign in the absence of any other education on drowsy driving/driver fatifue on the roads in New Zealand.  They offer great resources for your school. Their website can be viewed here:


Thinking about University?

Copies of the ‘Thinking about University?’ book were sent out to all Secondary Principals’, if you have not received please contact: Universities New Zealand for your copy:


Water Only Schools - The NZ Dental Association

The New Zealand Dental Association cares about the health of Kiwi kids. This is why we are so keen on encouraging all schools in New Zealand to adopt a water only policy. Children do not need to be consuming sugary drinks at school – it negatively affects their health, including their teeth.  The World Health Organization recommends that adults have a maximum of 6 teaspoons of sugar per person per day and young children only 3 teaspoons per day. Shockingly, if a child has one can of soft drink they are consuming 3 days’ worth of sugar in one go!  Energy drinks are particularly unsuitable for children as not only are they packed full of sugar, but also caffeine and other stimulants.  We believe it is an opportunity for principals to show leadership by adopting a water only policy at your school.

The Water-only policy template is available at:

Tots to Teens

Teens or Tweens in the house?  Tots to Teens is getting an older sibling: The Teen Age, a new resource for parents raising teens (and teens themselves)! It can be confronting and confusing for parents to suddenly have decisions to make around dating, driving, alcohol, and the changing personalities of their offspring... Oh, bring back the Terrible Twos! But the teenage years are also creative, exciting, interesting, and full of adventure, and we want to provide a wonderful resource for this next stage of parenthood.  Sign up for our monthly newsletter full of great advice, ideas recipes and prizes: