Membership of the Association shall be granted upon written application and payment of the appropriate subscription.

  1. Membership shall be personal and shall not be transferable to another person upon retirement/resignation from any position which qualifies the person for membership. 
  2. All financial members shall be entitled to receive all publications of the Association.
  3. A members shall cease to be a member of the Association by:
    • Forwarding a written resignation to the Executive Manager
    • Being no longer eligible for membership as outlined above
    • Failing to pay outstanding fees by the following Annual General Meeting

In the event that termination of membership is advised after 31 March, all subscriptions and levies required for membership shall be payable for the year concerned.  There will be no refunds awarded.

Please refer to the following types of membership below:

Full Members

The following shall be eligible to be Full Members:

  1. The Principal of any secondary school
  2. The Associate Principal of any secondary school (where such a position is
    funded by the MoE)

Full Members shall be eligible to attend the Annual Conference and to speak and vote at all General Meetings.   They shall also be eligible to hold office as an Officer or Member of the Executive.

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Retired Members

Any person who has been a Full Member of the Association may become a Retired Member upon ceasing to be eligible to be a Full Member.  A Retired Member shall be eligible to attend the Annual Conference and to speak at any General Meeting, but shall not have voting rights. 
A Retired Member shall not be eligible for appointment as an Executive Member.

Life Members

The honour of Life Membership may be conferred for outstanding service to SPANZ.  Nominations for Life Membership shall be forwarded in writing to reach the Executive Manager by 31 January each year, setting out details of the special service given.  The nomination shall be submitted to the Executive to be considered and if approved will be submitted to the Annual General Meeting, and Life Membership shall be conferred upon the person concerned (provided that two thirds of those eligible to vote and are in attendance at the AGM are in favour).  Life Members may attend and speak at all General Meetings of the Association, but shall not have the right to vote or hold office, unless they qualify as a Full Member. 
Life Members do not need to pay SPANZ Professional fees.