Executive Meetings

SPANZ is the only independent body representing the views of Secondary Principals in New Zealand. Our role is to represent the view of Secondary Principals' at the policy development and policy implementation level within Government, the Ministry of Education, NZQA, the Teaching Council and the Education Review Office.

Our 2019 meeting dates are as follows:

  • 7-8 November

Our 2020 meeting dates are as follows:

  • 27-28 February

  • 2-3 April

  • 16 May

  • 11-12 June

  • 30-31 July

  • 10-11 September

  • 5-6 November

As a member we invite you to email the office any issues or suggestions you would like the Executive to discuss and take up on your behalf, email: office@spanz.school.nz

Please refer to the 'Executive Voting' page for information around joining the SPANZ Executive.