I'd just like to pay for legal/union but not Professional fees, why can't I do that?

The SPANZ Legal Fund and SPANZ Union are benefits on offer for our eligible* SPANZ Professional members.  Therefore we are unable to offer Legal and Union as separate memberships.

If you have not paid your SPANZ Professional fees, but have paid Legal/Union - you will not be covered as a member or able to access the Legal Fund until Professional fees have been received. 

*SPANZ Union is currently only available to those Principals' on the Collective Agreement

I'm a member of SPANZ - why have I not received the latest pay increase?

Members of SPANZ Union will automatically receive pay increases (and back payments where applicable) when they occur.

If you are not a SPANZ Union member please contact your Board as they will have received information around the pay increase via the Ministry or NZSTA.  As a Principal you will be required to sign an IEA (independent employment agreement) to access the increase. 

Please refer to our President's Comments for any updates to members.

Why did you send me two invoices?

We generate two invoices per Principal, the first invoice covers your SPANZ professional membership and school legal cover, traditionally the School will cover the cost of this invoice.

We will then separately invoice you for your personal legal cover and SPANZ Union membership, this invoice is paid by the individual, although some schools will also cover this for you.

In our database we have the school address under your contact details, so all invoices are directed here.