Principal Vacancies

You will find most Secondary School Principal vacancies available via the Education Gazette. 
A list of those currently being advertised are below:

  • Albany Senior College, Auckland
  • Broadwood Area School, North Hokianga
  • Edgewater College, Auckland
  • Ellesmere College, Canterbury
  • Feilding High School, Feilding
  • Hamilton Junior High School, Waikato
  • Kelston Boys' High School, Auckland
  • Paraparaumu High School, Wellington
  • Pukekohe High School, Auckland
  • Samuel Marsden Collegiate, Wellington
  • St Cuthbert's College, Auckland
  • St Paul's Collegiate, Hamilton
  • Wairoa College, Hawke's Bay
  • Westland High School, West Coast

* If you are aware of a role being filled please contact our office so we can update our records accordingly -